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Planning a Good Visit to Our Care Home

Things to Do in the Kenwood, California area while visiting Green Acres Manor

The most special times for our residents are when friends and family visit. We know how much effort residents' families put into making these visits warm and happy occasions. I spent some time putting together this list of ideas for the use of our residents' families to help them think of good things to do on their visits to Green Acres Manor.

Dine out in Kenwood during your visit
When visiting your loved one at Green Acres Manor, it's nice to turn the visit into a lunch or dinner out, and fortunately, 4 fantastic restaurants are located within a couple of minutes' drive from us here in Kenwood. The California Wine Country is famous for its excellent cuisine, and whether you're wanting to take one of our residents out for a quick bite or a lavish dining 'experience', these establishments offer something for everyone.

Doce Lunas is located at 8910 Sonoma Hwy, in Kenwood - literally across the road from us! It's a small, elegant restaurant with California-style cuisine that borders on the exotic. The chef has worked in top notch restaurants around the world, and Kenwood residents have become addicted to the house dessert - sticky toffee pudding. The restaurant is rather charming with its unusual collection of antiques for sale, and reviews of Doce Lunas are generally excellent. Because of the popularity of this neighborhood restaurant, you might just want to call ahead for reservations: (707)-833-4000.

Just a stone's throw east of us in the simpler, incredibly popular Cafe Citti, serving delicious deli-style entrees including sandwiches and pasta dishes. The atmosphere is relaxed and convivial, with a big fireplace lending a cozy glow to the restaurant. If you and your loved one want a tasty, quick bite to eat, and don't want to fuss with dressing up, Cafe Citti would be our pick for you. Cafe Citti is located at 9047 Sonoma Hwy and you can telephone them at: (707) 833-2690.

Keep heading another mile or two east from Green Acres Manor on Sonoma Hwy and you'll find yourself at the Kenwood Restaurant & Bar located at 9900 on our scenic Highway 12. This establishment features very lovely appointments - gleaming hardwood floors, views of Sugarloaf Mountain, and patio dining in the warm season. The fare is elegant, yet hearty, with soups, salads, meat entrees, desserts and a full bar. The Kenwood Restuarant and Bar is only open for dinner, and you can make a reservation for you and your loved one by calling: (707)833-6326

If Mexican food is your favorite when dining out, you're in luck in Kenwood. Only a mile or so West of Green Acres Manor Residential Care Home, The Vineyards Inn serves its celebrated Mexican fare. Many of the dishes feature organics, grown by the owners, and the atmopshere is inviting and informal. Both Mexican and Spanish dishes are on the menu. Choose from Tapas, Paella, Enchiladas, or simple American dishes. The Vineyards Inn is open for lunch and dinner and is located at 8445 Sonoma Hwy. here in Kenwood, CA. Reservations should not be necessary most days, but you can phone (707)833-4500 just to be sure.

And, if you'd rather just share a snack with your loved one here at Green Acres Manor, we're pleased to announce that the Kenwood Market has just re-opened it's doors across the street from us, under new management. The market is beautifully run, and features a large deli counter full of tempting treats. Their shelves contain lots of grocery staples and they have a produce section as well. You can find just about anything you'd need to pack a gourmet picnic basket at the newly-opened Kenwood Market.

Places to Take a Picnic in Kenwood

It's hard to imagine that any place could be more lovely in the springtime than Kenwood, California. What better way to spend your visiting day with your loved one here at Green Acres Manor than by taking them on a picnic at one of these locations:

Smothers Brothers Winery is just two or three minutes east of us by car. Beside their world-famous winery, there is a nice green lawn with picnic tables for your pleasure. If your loved one at our care home has difficulties with mobility, this destination only requires a quick drive and a few steps from the parking lot to the picnic area. From the lawn, you can see vineyards and mountains and this is the simplest place to have a nice picnic and enjoy the sunshine in the neighborhood. The address of the winery is 9575 Sonoma Hwy.

If you and your loved one would like to get into some 'real' nature during your visit while you enjoy a picnic, Jack London State Park is located just a few miles away from Green Acres Manor in the next town east of us - Glen Ellen. This stunning park was once the residence of famed author, Jack London and the exquisite natural beauty of the place is incomparable. After passing through the ranger's kiosk, you will have a choice of turning right or left to park. By turning left, you will enter the lower parking lot and this is the entrance to the trail that will take you both to the park's museum, and then to the ruins of London's Wolf House. However, these destinations require some walking on uneven paths. Fortunately, on some weekends, the park offers a shuttle service down to the ruins and back to make this neat location accessible to all visitors.

Should you turn right at the kiosk, into the upper parking lot, you will find picnic tables just beyond the lot, beneath shady trees. The path here is relatively wide and good, and a further walk beyond the picnic tables (about 4-5 minutes) brings you to Jack London's cottage which is a beautiful craftsman-style home and garden that is open to the public on weekends. Well worth the visit! If you'd like to take one of our residents to visit the park on your next visit to Green Acres Manor, we'll gladly provide you with directions for how to get there. You can also visit the Jack London State Park Website.

Lodgings in Kenwood, CA.

If you don't live in the area, and are planning to visit your loved one here at our elder care home, you will find extremely nice accomodations just across the highway from us at The Birmingham B&B, located at 8790 on beautiful Hwy 12 here in Kenwood. Situated in a gracious Craftsman-era home, The Birmingham offers 4 lovely rooms and a cottage. You can visit their website at:

Kenwood is located directly between the much larger towns of Sonoma and Santa Rosa, and these cities offer abundant lodging choices. Because we are located in a world-famous tourist destination, do plan to make lodging reservations ahead of time when you're coming from out of town to visit your friend or family member at Green Acres Manor.

Places of Worship in the Kenwood, California area

Our community is rich in its churches and synagogues. If you and your loved one would like to attend a service during your visit, these will be your closest resources.

Star of the Valley Catholic Church is located at 545 White Oak Drive, about a 7 minute drive from Green Acres Manor.

St Patrick's Episcopal Church stands like a next-door neighbor to us at 9000 Sonoma Hwy.

The First Baptist Church is located in the town of Sonoma at 542 E. First Street.

Faith Lutheran Church is located at 19355 Arnold Drive in the town of Glen Ellen.

Faith Presybterian Church is located at 276 E. Napa St. in the town of Sonoma

The Kenwood Community Church is a United Church of Christ church and is located a few minutes away from us at 9637 Channing Rd. here in Kenwood.

The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints is located in Sonoma at 16280 La Grama St.

Congregation Shir Shalom is located at 252 W. Spain St. in the town of Sonoma.

Hope Chapel Four-Square Gospel Church is located at 5680 Sonoma Hwy heading west on the Hwy 12. toward the town of Santa Rosa.

Protection of the Holy Virgin Orthodox Church is located at 90 Mountain View Ave. in Santa Rosa.

If you need assistance finding a place of worship of another denomination in Sonoma County, we will be happy to assist you.

If you need help forming a clearer picture of the driving distance between our Kenwood residential care home and the towns these places of worship are located in, please refer to our article about our Central Wine Country Location.

Other Things to Do in the Kenwood Area

If you are a Sonoma County native or resident, chances are you already know just what you'll like to spend your time doing during your visit to your loved one at Green Acres Manor. Our sitting room and gardens are always available for your enjoyment and we encourage friends and family to visit as often as they possibly can.

However, if you'd like to plan a day out, consider the following ideas:

Green Acres Manor is located amongst some of the most famous wineries in the world. Please don't forget, if your loved one's health is compromised or they are on medication, imbibing alcholic beverages would be dangerous. However, many of the wineries have beautiful grounds you can stroll through.

You can reach the little town of Glen Ellen with a 3 mile drive and some lovely restaurants are located there.

The larger, historic town of Sonoma is just 8 miles away. Monuments, shopping, dining and the town square provide for an interesting and pleasant outing.

The busy city of Santa Rosa is 9 miles west of us and offers all of the benefits of shopping, dining and things to do that you'd need to plan a good day out with your loved one.

We want your visits to be the stuff of very joyful memories, and hope that these tips have given you some good ideas.

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