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Green Acres Manor News - Summer 2013

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful summer to this point. I know the weather will continue to be nice for us which can definitely help keep the summer alive as we see others go back to school and vacations become great memories. We have had some fun this summer ourselves enjoying the outdoors here as well as each others' company and the many fresh vegetables coming out of our garden. With the mild warm temperatures we have had this summer, the garden is producing a nice steady stream of vegetables for us including zucchini, squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, peppers, onions, lettuces, egg plant, all kinds of herbs, strawberries, pears, apricots, cantaloupe, and watermelon. It's all good!

We had a great time this year at the fair. We were there on August 8 for senior day which ended up being such a perfect day for us. The weather was warm, but not hot, so we were able to last a long time. All the staff, family members, and residents thoroughly enjoyed a new butterfly exhibit added this year. Butterflies were everywhere in an enclosed tent that we were all able to be in together. We were able to feed from dipping Q-tips in a solution that they obviously liked, so they came right to us. Some people had up to 6 and 7 butterflies on them at one time. It was a great first exhibit and set the tone for our fun day. We then traveled to the garden exhibit which is a hit each year. We had some nice Mexican food for lunch as we listened to music at the large amp theater. We saw a dog show where they run and jump into the water, saw lots of the farm animals, got our free ice cream, and watched as some of the girls rode on a crazy ride in the amusement part of the park. It was a fun day for all.

I wanted to let you know of a few more things coming up in the near future. We are participating in the Alzheimer's Walk again this year. This year the walk will be at Shollenberger Park at 10am on October 19. Our fundraising goal for this year is $10,000 which would more than double what we raised last year. We are already getting close as we were able to raise $9,000 from our annual charity wine tasting event back in May. Anyone wanting to donate can send us a check made payable to the Alzheimer's Association. We can then turn that check in and have the amount counted in our team total. It would be an amazing benchmark to hit that $10,000 goal. You can also join us for walking that day. Monica and I always enjoy the morning there with a nice inspiring walk!

Our flu shot clinic day is coming earlier this year. It will held here at Green Acres on Friday, September 6, at 11:15am until noon. We are all getting our shots that day. If you would like to join us, you are more than welcome. I would say it is a lot of fun...but that would just not be honest!

We are working on a date for a harvest party to help celebrate the new harvest as well as our 8 years in business here in Kenwood. It's hard to believe it has been that long already. I still don't feel completely moved in! I think that covers it for now. Take care and God bless


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