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Green Acres Manor News - September 2010

Hello All,

I wrote back in the June newsletter that I thought summer had finally arrived. I think I was wrong. I don't know if we ever had a good, proper summer. As I write this today, September 19th, it is raining...WOW! Go figure. Where did the global warming go. This rain will definitely put a damper on this years' grape harvest. My chardonnay grapes were not ready to be picked, and now face the risk of being infected with rot brought on by this rain. Everyone keep their fingers crossed that it will get warm and breezy in the next few days.

September has been a quite month as predicted. We did add a new and very exciting activity, however. We now have an art therapist coming twice a month to work with our residents on creating some wonderful masterpieces. She, Deborah, comes on the first and third Thursdays of the month at 1pm. She is here for an hour and a half if anyone would like to join us for this great new activity. She has really engaged our residents in this new activity and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. We will have the artwork on display in the living room for all to see and appreciate.

I want to remind everyone of the Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk taking place on Saturday, October 16. It will take place in Petaluma at Shollenberger Park starting at 10am. We are still taking donations. Checks can be written directly to the Alzheimer's Association and sent to us to be counted for our Green Acres team. Monica is still selling Cold Stone Creamery pies for $15, $5 of which is donated to the Alzheimer's Association. Monica and I will be walking and would invite anyone who is interested to join us.

The month of October does not have any birthdays in store for us, unfortunately. We will see about figuring out something to celebrate. We will have our annual pumpkin carving contest on Saturday, October 30th. We will hope to see the Kenwood Elementary trick or treaters that week as well.

I have a few miscellaneous notes.

We do have a room available right now. It's been a while since our last opening. Your recommendations are very much appreciated.

I will be having surgery on my right shoulder on Sept 30th, so I will be out of commission for a couple of days after that I think. It's just a little tune up for my over used shoulder!

I think that's about it for now. Love and laughter to all.


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