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Green Acres Manor News - October 2010

Hello everyone,

Where to start...

Monica and I had a very nice morning this past Saturday at the Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk. We took a nice walk around Shollenberger Park and were able to see and talk to many friends in the industry. I do not have a grand total of funds raised as of yet. Monica is still collecting from a very successful auction and raffle that she conducted at Sutter VNA. It's not too late to donate if you haven't already. Checks can be written to the Alzheimer's Association and sent to us to turn in. We'll have our grand total announced in the next newsletter or possibly online the beginning of November.

I want to remind everyone that on Thursday, November 4th at 2pm we will be having our Green Acres Manor Flu Shot Clinic. A nurse from Sutter will be here to administer flu shots to all of the residents and staff. If you would like to join us for this festive occasion, then please let me know so we plan for the appropriate amount of vaccinations.

Laurie White, a dementia care specialist and owner of Dementia Care Consulting, will now be assisting us and the staff with training in the field of dementia care. Laurie has over 25 years of experience and has conducted numerous trainings over the years for such organizations as the Alzheimer's Association. I have brought her in to help us as a group so we can discuss the many different facets of the disease and how we can better care for our residents. This training will give us a wonderful opportunity to discuss our residents in detail and be able to have more knowledge to deal with behaviors that currently exist or could come up in the future. We will be spending two hours with Laurie every other month, each time talking about different issues. I believe this will be a great addition to our existing training program and be a very worthwhile investment.

We have two employee birthdays coming up here in November. Alex will celebrate hers on November 1st, and Keyla on the 11th. Please help me in wishing them both a very happy birthday.

We have a new resident moving in with us soon. Her name is Audrey Gilmore. She will be moving in this coming Monday, October 25th. Audrey is a very sweet lady, fun to talk to, with lots of personality and spunk. Please help me welcome her and her family to our Green Acres family and make them feel welcome.

I have some sad news as well. Vern Stokes passed away this past month from complications due to his dementia. He was such a sweet man, and will be sorely missed. His wife and daughter were at his side when he passed. He was loved so much, and gave so much love in return. His smile lit up the room. Rest in peace Vern. I know you are in a better place. God bless you.

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. Please let us know if you will be taking your family member out for the day for a grand meal. If you let us know what time, we can have them ready for you upon your arrival. We will have the traditional Thanksgiving turkey and all the fixings at noon.

Take care


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