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Green Acres Manor News - November 2007

Happy Holidays!

Well, yet again the holidays have crept up on us. It seems that each year I say this but WHERE DID THE YEAR GO? As I write this I’m ashamed to say that I have barely begun my holiday shopping.

This years Thanksgiving was very special for Joe and me and I hope for the residents here at Green Acres. This is the first year that Joe and I didn’t have any of our family members around. We felt very blessed to be able to have our Green Acres family to spend Thanksgiving with. We were able to enjoy a 22 pound turkey cooked by Maria and Christina. We had so many side dishes that we gave every resident and staff member a “sampler plate”. We were also fortunate to have Patricia’s daughter Cynthia with us for the feast of Thanksgiving as well as other family members who visited that day.

Prior to Thanksgiving the residents were asked what they gave thanks for. Everyone who participated said their family and friends but some of the additional responses I must share with you because they were so fitting to that resident. Peggy said her nice cozy bed and chocolate. Jack said the military for keeping us safe. Meg said for animals, especially cats. Marcie said for food and red lipstick. Vivian said for not being in pain and Catherine said for still being alive and for where she lives. Joe and I give thanks for our extended family.

We helped Catherine Rice celebrate her 93rd Birthday on November 12th. We had a large birthday cake and her daughter Midge was able to be with us to help her celebrate the big day.

Joe, the staff and I would like to extend an invitation to you and your families to come at 9:30 am on Christmas morning to help us open holiday gifts with the residents. It was the highlight of our year last year and we really hope that this year will be the same. Please let me know if you are able to come and share this wonderful time with us, the residents, and the staff.

Upcoming events include the Kenwood fire department Santa coming to see our residents on Saturday December 8th at 9am. We have three Birthdays in December, Charlie on the 3rd, Jack on the 9th and Patricia’s on the 11th. We have carolers coming and we’ve been invited to go to Kenwood Elementary School for their Holiday Play.

If you’d like to see pictures from some of the November events please check out our website at

Wishing you all health and happiness during the holidays.
Monica Hansen

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