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Green Acres Manor News - Spring 2012

Hello Everyone

Time just flies when you are having fun doesn't it. Spring is upon us already. Can you believe it? We had a fairly good winter with lots of rain coming in March...better late than never, right! We have a lot of trees, plants, flowers, and fruits in bloom already, and we're hoping for a large and bountiful harvest this year. Of course that means we are also hoping for a long warm summer, which seems like it may have already started. The majority of the garden has already been planted. We had a little bit of a late start this year, but with this nice warm weather, we should be able to catch up, no problem! The vineyard is also in a very steady growth phase...lots of green leaves. Nothing like staying busy here at Green Acres!

It has been fairly quiet in the house the past few months. We've been focused on keeping everyone healthy with eating right, drinking plenty of fluids, staying active and getting plenty of rest. Now that the days are longer and warm, we have been heading out to our outdoor living room in the front. It's so nice to be able to get outside and feel the warmth of the sun. It's amazing how it cheers everyone up, puts smiles on their faces, and increases socialization.

Our new member of our family is growing by leaps and bounds. Buddy is no longer puppy size, but he is still puppy like and full of energy. He also has the ability to put smiles on everyone's face. He is quite the little character. We are continually working with him on training, so hopefully he will be able to spend a lot more time with the residents and be a little more free to roam around.

We have a new gentleman whom has moved in with us. His name is Bob, and talk about smiles. He has one that will light up a room. He loves being outside with everyone and taking nice long walks outside. He is a very sweet man.

We are stilling in planning mode for our Charity Wine Event for the Alzheimer's Association. This will be the second year of us organizing this event. We have the date of Saturday, June 23 from 4-7pm. We have changed the time of year to try and accommodate for having more winemakers present. We hope to also increase the attendance this year and see how we do. It should be a marvelous afternoon of wine tasting, food, and friends.

Our 7 Year Anniversary Party will then be on Sunday, June 24. We decided to just make a nice long weekend of events. The theme this year will be to have a luau. The time will be the normal 11a-2pm. We'll do some nice BBQ and Hawaiian themed food, ice cold beverages, and great company. Please let me know if you will be attending so we can plan for food and seating.

Lastly, the Sonoma County Fair day for us is changing to a Thursday. There are three senior days this year, and it looks like we will go on Thursday, August 2nd. This has always been a very fun day for everyone and we look forward to yet another one. Please let me know if you would like to go with us. It helps to have some family come along as we like to have one on one chaperones for our makes it more fun...the more the merrier!

I hope to see you all very soon, especially at one or more of our events. God bless.


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