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Green Acres Manor News - May 2008

Hello All!

It's been a while since I last wrote to you. There has been so much going on though that I thought it time to jump back on that typewriter…well…the computer. The most exciting thing to me is that we have two new residents which means that we have a full house. I think there was a TV show with that name. Pat Allen moved in to room # 11 on May 5 (Cinco de Mayo), and has loved her new environs. She is a very sweet lady with the most beautiful smile. Anita Horan moved into room # 5 on May 11 (Mother's Day). She came all the way from New Hampshire to join us and brought most of her family with her. They are a great group and will be a welcome addition to our much extended family.

Our staffing has grown as well. We had made the decision to enhance our services to an even higher level by having staff here at night to meet the growing needs of our current residents and to help folks with overnight needs. Yolanda graciously accepted that challenge and is working 5 nights for us now…so you may not see her as much! Marilyn Simington has joined us to work the other two nights and a few day shifts. Marilyn has experience in many different care environments and has fit in just wonderfully with our residents and staff. I just hired Mercedes Ceniza a couple of days ago to fill in for other day and afternoon shifts. She also comes to us with a great background in care giving. I'm still looking for one more special person to work with us here, so if anyone knows someone, send them our way. I am always looking for talented and loving people to help us grow our business.

I have also been working on staffing in our Napa home. I have hired two individuals who you might see in Sonoma on occasion. I hired Marlene Bremer who is a nursing consultant who will help with training and operations in Napa. She will cross the mountain on occasion to help with more specific training for us. Judy Daniels will be joining my team in June. She will be our Marketing Director there, charged with spreading the good word about Green Acres. She will also help with administrative duties and could be seen in Sonoma as well.


On a somewhat sad note, our remaining willow tree will be taken down on May 21st. The wind storm we had earlier this month damaged the tree breaking off two very large branches. The tree has become unsafe, and therefore needed to come down. We know the willow trees that we had were a focal point of our front yard. The other fell almost three years ago. Knowing how much everyone has loved and enjoyed these trees, including the family of squirrels, we will plant a comparable tree the first opportunity we have given the right time of the year for planting.

Monica has also continued planting vegetables throughout the property. The side garden is now complete with the addition of many tomato plants and some peppers. The back garden was also planted with hot peppers, pole beans and some bush beans to keep the strawberries company. We should have a bountiful harvest this year.

Happy Birthday to Margaret Battin who turned 83 on May 16th. In June we have 2 Birthdays, Howard Margolis on June 6th and Vivian Gates on June 19th.

The next event we have on our calendar will be our 3rd Anniversary Celebration. We will be having it a little later than usual due to the 4th of July holiday. Our celebration will be on Saturday July 12th from 11am to 2pm and will have a tropical theme this year. So… break out those wild Hawaiian shirts and dresses. We'll supply the leis, food and drinks. More details will follow in the June newsletter. You can contact Monica to RSVP. Thank you. We hope everyone has a fun and safe summer season. We certainly have had a great start weather wise. Take care.

Joe Hansen

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