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Green Acres Manor News - May 2007

Hi Everyone,

Hello to all, and a happy Mother’s Day to those of you who are moms!

This Spring has been wonderful. We have had plenty of nice sunny days mixed with a few days of much needed rain to keep everything green and growing. This is such a beautiful part of the country that we are fortunate enough to live in. Monica has been hard at work in the vegetable and herb gardens. We have everything planted on time this year to be able to enjoy fresh vegetables this summer. We currently are using our own lettuce, radishes, green onions, some broccoli and cauliflower for salads and sides. We have eaten a few strawberries already, and we are getting full use out of the herb garden. The rose garden is providing beautiful flowers for the dining room tables as well as keeping the bees buzzing outside.

We have been doing some Spring cleaning of late. You may notice some rearranging in the living room to accommodate for more seating. What you won’t see is all the stuff that is now gone from our storage areas. It does help us stay neat and organized to do this each year. We have also been working on planting some new flowers out back and a few other plants throughout the property. Some things had to be replaced due to the serious frost we experienced this winter. Last year we had the rain and flooding, this year the frost, what will next year have in store for us???

Please save the date of June 30th. This is when we will celebrate our Two Year Anniversary with a family style BBQ for lunch. We hope to see all of you there. We will send out more information next month.

Margaret will celebrate a birthday in May. She will be a very young, happy, and healthy 82 come May 16th. Please help us in celebrating her birthday this month. She is a very special lady.

It’s Monica’s turn to go on vacation this month. She will be going down to our place in Mexico with her family May 14-22. What am I going to do without her??? I think we’ll all have a lot of fun…that’s what!!! You know what they say about while the cat’s away!

We are still looking for two wonderful people to occupy the two rooms we have vacant right now. If you know of anyone in need of our services, please send them our way. We appreciate the referrals and good word of mouth.

I hope everyone has a great month. We’ll talk soon.

Joe Hansen

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