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Green Acres Manor News - March 2009

March's Newsletter

Hi everyone,
I hope you all have experienced a little luck of the Irish this past month. We celebrated St. Patrick's Day with a traditional corned beef and cabbage meal complete with green cupcakes for dessert. Everyone had a Shamrock sticker to wear so no one got pinched! The residents also read from an Irish folklore and story book that we had found at the book store. There are some really neat stories there.

The weather has been fairly nice over the last month. We have had a little rain…which we still need more of, but I'll take advantage of whatever weather comes our way. And with the sunshine comes…yes…Spring planting. So far, we have added to our berry family out front with 4 more blueberry bushes, 2 new raspberry plants, and 4 new blackberries. This should ensure a steady crop of fresh berries for us in the years to come. We have also cleared some more lawn in favor of 33 new grape vines. We will be planting Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre varietals in hopes that Joe can put to good use his schooling in wine making. The grapes won't be good enough for wine for at least three years, but the plan is on course. We have also planted some very pretty flowers in one of the back garden beds adding to its' beauty.

We would like to welcome a new resident to our family. John Pearson joined us this past month and has been a wonderful addition for us. He is a sportsman who loves baseball, football, and many other sports. Welcome John and family to Green Acres! Anita will be celebrating her 83rd birthday here on March 27. Happy Birthday to Anita! We do have one employee birthday in April. April will celebrate her birthday on April 2. Happy Birthday to April!

The road work on Highway 12 is almost complete in front of our property. They are paving as I write this. We elected to have some of our driveway repaved as well, so you will see a nice clean look driving into our property up to our front gate. We will also be working on some landscaping of the area by the front gate and our sign as soon as the highway work is complete.

Easter is quickly approaching, and we would like to invite you all over for our annual Easter Egg Hunt. The Easter Egg Hunt will take place on Saturday, April 11th at 2pm. This event is obviously for children or grandchildren, but our residents love seeing all the children and interacting with them in some fun Easter activities. It is also a nice opportunity to just stop by and visit. Please RSVP to Monica by April 6th so we can plan appropriately. Thank you, and we hope to see you here.

Take care,

Joe & Monica

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