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Green Acres Manor News - March 2008

Happy Spring to all!

Trees, flowers, and grape vines are blooming brightly all around us now creating such a wonderful landscape. This is such a nice time of the year to live in Sonoma County. Our herb and vegetable gardens are being planted so that we can have a bountiful harvest in the coming months. If you have time stop by and see what we've planted. Rest assured there's more to be planted once we don't have to worry about frost in the mornings.

I'd like to introduce you to Howard Margolis, our newest resident. He is a very cheerful gentleman who is extremely musical and artistic. If you walk into the house and hear piano music it's coming from Howard's room, #2. He is a self taught pianist and plays wonderfully. You can often find one or two of the residents in his room watching him play. Yes, he will take requests, but only if it's music he knows. Howard doesn't use sheet music, as he has it all memorized. Please come by and introduce yourself to Howard, and if your interested he will be more than happy to show you his piano and other instruments. He's even begun to give me piano lessons.

On a sad note our beloved kitty Fritz died. Fritz's age was unknown, but having to venture a guess we all agreed that he was 15 or 16 years old. Fritz came to us by way of Helga and Ed the original owners of Green Acres Manor. We all loved him and found him to be a very loving and talkative cat. He is dearly missed but will forever be a part of the Green Acres Manor family since he was buried underneath our new Cherry Blossom tree.

The residents were very busy this month filling Easter bags for the 3rd grade class at Kenwood Elementary School. Unfortunately the residents weren't able to present the bags to the class in person, but they were given to the teacher and she distributed them for us. We received individual Thank You cards from the children the next day stating how much they loved the gifts. In addition to the Easter bags the residents have been helping us decorate for spring by doing some of the artwork that you see displayed on their doors and in the dining room. We also have an Easter egg hunt for the resident's grand children and the staff's children on March 22. I'm sure it will be a lot of fun since we will not only be doing the egg hunt but we will have a piņata and an egg toss game as well.

This past month Debbie celebrated her Birthday on March 1st! Happy Belated Birthday to Debbie!

April will be the month when you will see the most changes in the gardens already planted but also in our vegetable and herb garden. We hope you can stop by to enjoy the open space and good weather with your loved one.

Wishing you health and happiness always!

Monica and Joe Hansen

easter image
One of the children offers candy to one of our residents, Peggy

easter image
Patty has on her Easter hat

easter image
A relaxing springtime day in the Green Acres Manor garden

easter image
Eggs were hidden everywhere. In the grass, the bushes, the willow tree.

easter image

Kaden's basket is getting full

easter image
A photo of our Easter egg hunters.

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