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Green Acres Manor News - June 2010

Hi Everyone,

I think summer is finally here! It took a while but I think we are there. The weather has been just wonderful over the past couple of weeks. Our residents have thoroughly enjoyed being outside almost every day now in June. We've also had lunch outside quite a few times. This includes this past beautiful weekend where we had our 5th Anniversary BBQ for the business. Thank you to all the staff who helped with set up, take down, food prep and decorations. A special thank you to Monica for all of her preparation and planning. I believe everyone had a very relaxing and enjoyable time. The food was great, the company was great, and we even sampled my wine that was recently bottled.

Our next event will be our Ice Cream Social on Sunday, July 25. Immediately after that we will be going to the Sonoma County Fair on Tuesday, August 3rd. Isn't summer the best!

The garden definitely benefitted from all the late season rain. With all the sunshine we have had lately, the vegetable garden has really taken off. We harvested our first little crop over the weekend which included zucchini, squash, and garlic. All the herbs are also being used already. The tomatoes are getting close and the pumpkins are getting really big. We also have lots of berries forming out in the berry patches on the front property line. We'll be eating like kings in no kings!

The month of July brings lots of birthdays especially for the staff. We have two resident birthdays in July. Lucille will be celebrating her 81st on July 14, and Pat will be celebrating her 94th on July 12. As for employees, here's the list...Christine on the 6th, Joe on the 9th, and Julio on the 13th. Amazing how we keep getting older!

Lastly, you may be noticing a new sign out on the highway in July. I have been working with a company on designing a new sign for us. It will highlight our name Green Acres Manor more than our existing sign, and be more up to date. I'm really excited about it.

For those of you whom I saw this past weekend, thank you for coming to our BBQ. For those of you whom I didn't, I hope to see you soon either at the ice cream social or at the fair...or...for a regular visit here at Green Acres. Take care.


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