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Green Acres Manor News - June 2009

Hello All,

It seems hard to believe that another month has just gone by. I feel like I just wrote to you all. Summer has been good to everyone here so far. We have had a few celebrations and the garden is growing by leaps and bounds.

We celebrated our fourth anniversary of being in business this past month. Our actual date is July 1. We really appreciate everyone for their support of our business, and for those of you that were able to come, an extra thank you. We were scared in the morning that the sun wasn't going to make it out…but it did…and we had a beautiful afternoon. The food was excellent thank you to Maria. The decorations were very festive thank you to Monica. …And the company was fantastic thank you to all who came. We look forward to celebrating our fifth next year.

The garden is growing beyond our expectations. We have already been harvesting and eating squash, zucchini, radishes, blackberries, strawberries, basil, chives, and other herbs. We can see tomatoes and pumpkins and cucumbers and peppers and beans all forming. There are also a lot of blueberries coming in and a few pears. We have had quite a few comments from friends how far advanced our garden is compared to theirs. I think our new raised garden beds with all that organic soil has something to do with it. I was also able to plant phase two of the vineyard. We now have 33 more grape vines in the ground added to the 11 that were planted two years ago. I also planted another 6 out back that I had propagated from cuttings from school. …Keeping busy outside!

We celebrated a couple of very special resident birthdays this past June. Howard turned 82 and Vivian a great milestone of 90. Maria had an unknown/undisclosed birthday on June 22. July will be loaded with birthdays. Julio, Christine, and myself all celebrate birthdays in July as does one of our residents, Pat. She will turn a very young 93 on July 12. Let's not forget…we are getting wiser and more experienced, not older!

I think that recaps our month of June for you. Stay cool this coming month, and we'll see you all very soon.


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