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Green Acres Manor News - June 2007

Hi Everyone,

If the weather stays this nice, I just might have to stay a while! This Spring has been so wonderful. I really hope it continues throughout the rest of the year. My garden report mimics what I said last month. The summer crop is coming along nicely. Everything is growing very well, and to date, we are keeping the gophers at bay.

The painting on the outside of the house is coming along slowly and surely. I really think that by the end of the summer, I will complete this project. Sometime in the later part of June we will be installing both a new front door with windows on either side and a new dining room sliding glass door. This may create a little noise and dust, so my apologies in advance. The tentative install dates are June 19th and 20th. I canít wait to see how these improvements will turn out.

We have a new resident that has joined us this month. Her name is Pat. She is a lovely lady who is a joy to be around. Please make her feel welcome along with her son and daughter, John and Cynthia. Welcome to our family!

Margaret had a wonderful birthday celebration this past May 16th. She is a spry 82 years young. We have one birthday for June. Vivian will celebrate her 88th on June 19th. That will be one party you wonít want to miss! Happy Birthday to both lovely ladies!

Monica and I will be taking a mutual vacation this month from June 21st thru June 28th. We are taking our annual trek down to Santa Barbara wine country and then down to San Diego to visit family and friends. I just canít get enough wine up here, I guess, go figure! Helga Sonnenberg has graciously volunteered to come here to cover for us at night once again. It will be a great time to stop in to chat with her and Ed if you would like. Unfortunately, they will not be able to stay through until the BBQ. Thank you in advance to Helga to be so kind to us. The rest of the team will be here during their normal times.

I hope everyone has a great beginning of summer, and I look forward to see you all on June 30th for the big BBQ. Please see the enclosed invitation for all the details.

Joe Hansen

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