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Green Acres Manor News - June 2006

Hello to All,

Last month I said that Spring was in the air. Now, I believe Summer is in our midst. Hooray…fun, sun and the warm temperatures! I love it, and I know our residents do to. All of our moms here were able to celebrate Mother’s Day with family. The house was actually almost empty. The other gentleman and I went outside to play catch…just kidding! We watched games on the TV!!! Thank you to the families who provided for a wonderful day with their moms.

We were able to get outside almost everyday and enjoy our new patio furniture, umbrellas, flowers, and waterfall. It’s like having a whole new room of the house out front. Debbie took the folks on many outings and drives including drives to Bodega Bay, Sugar Loaf Park, Spring Lake, and Glen Ellen. We also have a new game for outside…lawn bowling. I’ve included pictures. We have also gone through a lot of lemon aid!

We have yet another new member of the Green Acres Manor family. LeRoy Goetz who goes by Lee moved in May 17th. He has moved here from Avalon to be in a smaller home environment and the beautiful scenery. His wife Regina and daughter Lynn are frequent visitors. I know everyone will make them feel most welcome. Marie Smith who moved in at the tail end of last month is doing well, and is thoroughly enjoying the freedom and beauty that Green Acres Manor has to offer. Our family did lose someone last month as well. Zelda Hammer passed away on April 25th. She was 95 years young. She was such a pleasure to have known for us, and will be missed. Zelda is survived by her two sons. God Bless.

Monica and I have been diligently working on our vegetable garden project over the past few weeks. We had wanted to start it earlier but the weather as you all know was not very cooperative. New garden beds have been developed, sprinklers installed, and seeds and starter vegetables planted. A picture is included. Please check out the vegetable garden upon your next visit. We’d love to show it to you. We should be able taste some of these goodies in a month or so. We’ll see!

Our one year anniversary of owning Green Acres Manor is coming up here on July 1, 2006. We would like to celebrate it with all of you who have made our first year so enjoyable and fulfilling. Luckily for us July 1st falls on a Saturday. An invitation for a little BBQ is included. Please RSVP and let us know if you’ll be able to attend. We hope you will. It will be a great opportunity to meet families of other residents, tour the home and gardens, and spend time with your loved one. We will also be celebrating Independence Day.

Thank you, and take care,

Joe Hansen

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