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Green Acres Manor News - July 2009

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone got a bang out of the 4th of July holiday! It was a little quite around here except for all the birthday singing we have been doing this month. I'll get to that in a minute. All of our residents have been enjoying the beautiful weather we have having, spending a lot of time outdoors. Some days have been pretty hot but we have been able to have quite a few lunches out front as well as morning exercise, walks, and fun activities and games.

We have welcomed a new resident to our family here. Richard Stansberry moved in on July 2nd just in time for the holiday. He has been a great addition to the dynamic here with a great, very outgoing personality, and being very active, challenging others to keep up with him. He is just the spark we have been looking for. As for the birthdays, and we had many, but none as special as Pat's 93rd celebration. You should have seen the chocolate cake she had! It was quite delicious! Richard will also be celebrating his birthday at the tail end of July on the 26th.

The garden is officially out of control. With the good consistent heat we have had, everything has just taken off. We already have a fully ripe, orange pumpkin. Has anyone ever seen one of those in July? Since last months' report, we now have tomatoes and hot peppers coming in. Green bell peppers have been harvested now as well. The last thing now coming in are the egg plant and cantaloupes which have already flowered and are growing fruit now. Along with all the goodies in the garden has come the same amount of weeds. Pulling these has kept us busy as well as keeping up with the appropriate amounts of watering. Did you know we have over 20 different timers operating our irrigation system on the property? A big thank you to Martin Barajas for doing such a great job keeping up on landscape maintenance for us.

We will be having a very fun outing coming up on July 28th. That is senior day at the Sonoma County Fair. We will be attending with as many residents as possible along with the help of staff, family and friends. We look forward to having a wonderful time. I know everyone loves the animals, seeing the different garden exhibits, and sampling the fairs' finest in cuisine.

The Alzheimer's Association is doing their annual fundraising memory walk on October 17th at 10 am at Shollenberger Park in Petaluma. Last year we raised over $1400 for the memory walk and this year our goal is $2000. We need your help is reaching this goal. Next month we will be having a fundraiser with Cold Stone Creamery and would love for you all to help us raise money by asking your friends to join us in this fundraising effort.

As the time draws closer I will give you more details but for now think of people who would be willing to help you and us raise money by eating ice cream.

A donation can also be made for our team on the Alzheimer's Association website by going to and following the links to the California website. Our group name is Green Acres Manor Sonoma or by going to this link,

Thank you and we'll see you all soon

Joe & Monica

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