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Green Acres Manor News - July 2008


Most of you all will receive this prior to the Luau so I had to give it a Hawaiian theme using the limited Hawaiian words that I know. I'm sure we will all have a great time at the Luau. It's always so nice getting the residents and their families together in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. This is one of mine and Joe's favorite events of the year. The residents, the staff and the families have an opportunity to meet and get to know each other. This is what makes us feel like one big family who is there to support each other through each stage of our loved ones life. I hope you all enjoy the Luau!

July ranks just behind September for the most birthdays in one month. As I mentioned before we had Rebecca's birthday on the 1st, Christina's on the 6th, Joe's on the 9th, Pat Allen's on the 12th and Julio's on the 13th. We had dessert until it was coming out our ears but I didn't hear any complaints about it.

August promises to be VERY special because we have Peg Poole who will be celebrating her 99th birthday on the 1st and Meg Cattrall's 88th birthday is on the 2nd. Please wish each one of these special ladies a Happy Birthday when you see them.

Mark your calendars, October 16th from 12-1p we will be hosting a flu shot clinic here at Green Acres Manor. All staff and residents will be receiving their shots on that day. Families are invited to come and get their shot. If you have Medicare they will bill it so it will be of no cost to you. If you have Kaiser or other private insurance the cost will be $20. Please remember we are trying to protect our residents from getting the flu so we highly recommend that you receive a flu shot so that you don't pass the flu on to your loved one. Let Joe know if you are interested in getting the shot on that day.

As mentioned in the June newsletter Joe, I and hopefully you, will be walking in the Alzheimer's memory walk on Saturday, October 18th. We need your help to make a difference. I am hoping that each of you will help us raise money for this very near and dear cause. If we can get each of our 12 families to have 10 people donate at least $10 each then we can give as a group at least $1200 dollars to the Alzheimer's Association. That would make such a difference.

I promised to have information about Alzheimer's for you each month and as promised I have information for you all to read in the foyer near the visitor's log that pertains to many different aspects of the disease. I have a website for those of you not close enough to pick-up the information in person. On this website you can order up to 25 copies of the booklets. I have found that each booklet is very helpful and is an easy read. I hope you take the opportunity to look at this wonderful site from the Department of Health and Human Services.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy month.

Monica Hansen

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