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Green Acres Manor News - July 2007

Hello All,

It seems like it’s been forever since our last letter. There has been a lot going on for us, and especially for me. My brother, Wade, and I put a purchase offer in on another care facility over in Napa. Due to some odd circumstances, we are actually in there running it right now before the sale is even final. That part was unexpected, and has taken me away from Green Acres Manor sooner than ever anticipated. I will be running the new facility, now known as Green Acres: Napa. Monica has taken on the responsibility of day to day operations here. So…there is nothing to worry about! We are both still living and loving our Kenwood home. I will still help with running the business side of things here but please direct all day to day issues to Monica. Please bear with us if some things fall through the cracks as we make this transition.

Our garden is in full swing right now, and we have pictures to prove it. Monica has really outdone herself this season with all the yummy fresh vegetables. They are making for wonderful meals and soups and breads, and the residents love it. We have even had enough to take some over to the new facility. The pumpkin patch out front is doing much better than last year as well. It really made a difference to plant earlier, tear out the grass and put in a drip irrigation system.

On July 25th we had an outing to the Sonoma County Fair. There were 13 of us that went on the outing. We all had a great time seeing all the animals, garden exhibits, and crafts, as well as having lunch at Mary’s Pizza Shack. We even had time to take in the horse races which was really fun for the residents and one of our caregivers, Mercy, in particular. We look forward to doing this outing again next year.

On June 30th we had our 2nd Anniversary BBQ and had a great turn out. The weather cooperated much better this year for us as it was a much cooler day than last year. We once again had tables and chairs in the front of the house with the food set up under the tree on the patio in the front. We had a wonderful array of BBQ fare, including hotdogs and hamburgers, chips, salads, and desserts. We all really enjoyed the day as our residents and their families had the chance to socialize, talk and get to know each other better.

Please check out our website for pictures of the BBQ and the outing to the Sonoma County Fair.

There were a few birthdays in the past few weeks. Peg Poole celebrated her 98th birthday on August 1st. Meg Cattrall celebrated her 87th birthday on August 2nd.

We have some sad news to share as well. A long time resident, Hildegard Case, passed away unexpectedly on July 18th. She had been with us since day one, and going on three years total. She was so full of life, had a wonderful sense of humor, and it was a true pleasure to have known her as we did. She will be missed.

We hope you all continue to have a great summer.
Joe & Monica Hansen

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