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Green Acres Manor News - July 2006

Hello to all and a Happy Independence Day!

The 1st of July also marks our one year anniversary of owning Green Acres Manor. We are so happy that we chose to come here and be with the great people that surround us every day. So many people have made a difference in our first year of operation, and in our lives. Monica and I have never worked so hard and had so much fun in the process. It’s so rewarding for us to be working in a field where we make a difference in peoples’ lives. That was a critical missing piece in my last career, and a major reason why we are here today. Our hopes are that we continue to improve on the quality level of our care and to make this the most beautiful, tranquil, and enjoyable family style care home in Sonoma. Just a little reminder…We hope to see you all at the July 1st BBQ, and please remember to RSVP if you have not already done so.

We had a few celebrations this past month. Vivian Gates celebrated her 30th birthday again!!! (There’s an inside joke there) She’s actually turned 87 years young, and is still causing trouble! Maria Vega who works with us celebrated her birthday this month on June 22nd. Happy Birthday ladies! Get ready for next month because there are five employee birthdays and one resident’s, and that’s not a joke! There will also be a very special celebration. On July 4th Marie and Charlie Smith will celebrate their 66th Wedding Anniversary. Now that’s something to celebrate!!!

We would like to welcome a new resident to our family this month. Her name is Lydia Geistlinger. She comes to us from her home in Albany, and is a delightful lady. Her son Marvin and his wife Linda found us. Welcome to the family!

As most of the families already know, we took on a major project this past week. We had our main electrical panel replaced with an upgraded version that contains more power that will help us continue to provide all the creature comforts that modern electricity provides. Replacing the panel meant having the power off, which we were told would be for six hours. That was great. We planned outings for most all of our folks. Four of the ladies took a nice picnic lunch to the Redwoods and had a wonderful day. We thank the families of those who helped out in various ways. Even though it took longer than the six hours to get our power back up, everything turned out ok in the end. It is definitely nice to have the A/C back on. WOW…IT’S HOT!

Our gardens are just doing amazing things in this heat. We can actually see growth every day on a lot of what we planted. The herb garden is out of control, and we have picked and eaten our first strawberries. They taste great. Monica has now planted some zucchini, butternut squash, and musk melons as well as the pumpkins for the pumpkin patch. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with those. I have big plans for Halloween!!! Speaking of plans…Monica and I will be on vacation traveling along the coast to San Diego July 12th thru July 19th. Debbie will be here for any administrative questions, and Rebecca will be here at night.

Have a great summer, and a great Independence Day Holiday.

Joe Hansen

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