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Green Acres Manor News - February 2009

February's Newsletter

Hello to all you love birds!

A belated Happy Valentine's to you all. What a wonderful holiday to celebrate the love we have for each other, our families, spouses, children, friends, and extended families. With that celebration of love comes a deeper appreciation for each individual, who they are, what they do, and what they mean to us. Monica and I were fortunate enough to be able to spend a couple of days away…all the way over the mountain and into Napa where we enjoyed some extra sleep, a cozy fire, a little wine tasting, and a nice dinner with some friends…not to mention about 3 inches of rain! We'll take it, though.

Speaking of the rain, we are trying our best at conserving water, and hope you are too. Water is such a vital resource for us all and we should be looking for ways to conserve this great natural resource which we have probably all become so accustomed to having as much as we want. Sometimes just doing the small things helps more than you know. We will be doing our best, and hope to share more ideas with all of you in the near future, as well as ideas on how to be more sustainable in general.

We had a very special birthday this past month. Connie celebrated her 95th birthday with us and many of her friends and family over the course of three or fours days. Now that is how to celebrate! Congratulations Connie. We hope to be a part of many more celebrations with you. Coming up in March we will have a few more birthdays as well. Two employees will have birthdays in March, Debbie on the 1st, and Marilyn on the 7th. We will then have Anita celebrate her 83rd come March 27th. Now I know there will be some fun for that one!

If you haven't noticed, there is some road construction going on in front of our property. Caltrans is creating a turn lane onto Randolph Street which means widening the highway. To do this they are having to install runoff drain pipes where we had a ditch before. They can then pave over that and widen the road. With the rain, they have experienced some delays so we don't know how long it will be going on. I'm sure it will be done before we know it. If you find it difficult to turn into us at any point while the construction is going on, then please be safe and park across the way and walk over. We'll be waiting for ya!

I think that covers all of the happenings around here for the month. Let us know if missed anything. Say a little prayer that we get some more rain this season and stay away from a draught. Take care, and we hope to see everyone soon.

Joe & Monica

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