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Green Acres Manor News - Fall 2013

Hi Everyone,

Well, we are nearing the big holiday season, and we are still experiencing wonderful sunny weather. How great is that! It is getting a little chilly, and it is now getting dark much sooner, though. It's getting to be that time of year to hunker down with nice warm blankets, hot cocoa, and tasty comfort foods. The great thing is, we have all of those things! It was wonderful to see so many families here for our harvest celebration. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and had a good time. We'll have to do that more often.

Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away. I want you all to know that you are most welcome to join us for our Thanksgiving feast on Thursday, November 28 at 12 noon. We will be serving a traditional Thanksgiving meal of turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and all the fix'ns. Then, if you still have room, some pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheesecake. Please do let me know if you will be joining us so that we can make the appropriate amount of food and plan for seats at the table. Also, if you will be taking your loved one out for lunch or dinner, please let me know.

And since we are talking about the holidays...Christmas will be upon us soon as well. Our Christmas celebration occurs on Christmas day which this year is on a Wednesday. We will have our normal breakfast, and then at 10am, we have our gift opening. We have gifts all the way from the North Pole for all of our residents for them to open. We also welcome all families for this gift opening. We'll pack in the living room and spill out into the dining room if needed. We'll have hot cider, cookies, and other treats for all during the gift opening to prep us for a nice lunch of a big fat tasty ham. Any gifts that are mailed to us, we do hold for this gift opening. Please let me know if you would like to come for this day so we can once again plan appropriately.

I have hired a few new staff members to help us here, so you will be seeing some new faces. Camille and Fernanda will be working all different shifts including overnights as Yolanda is leaving to attend school. Nicole and Laide will be here on the weekends to help strengthen our staff on those two days. Laide will be in the kitchen using her Italian heritage and upbringing to bring us some wonderful new seasonal Italian dishes and a twist to our meal plan.

We may be having our roof worked on this week starting Tuesday, November 19th. It is weather dependent, and it will most likely take two days. I don't exactly know the impact it will have. I don't think it will be much other than noise and some trucks in the driveway down by the garage. We are replacing the flat parts which are over rooms 2, 3, 4, 5, the dining room, and shower.

Lastly, I will be taking my two annual vacations down to our home in Puerto Vallarta Mexico in the near future. I will be gone December 6-19 and January 3-16. Monica will be going on the January trip, but not the December trip. While I am away, Debbie and Isabel take care of things. I am still available via email, but I do not check it as often as if I were here. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


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