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Green Acres Manor News - August 2008

August's Newsletter

Green Acres Manor

We began the month of August with some very big milestones. Peggy turned 99 years old on the 1st and Meg turned 88 years old on the 2nd. Both ladies celebrated their Birthdays by blowing out the candles on their cakes and receiving phone calls and cards from family and loved ones.

As most of you know Joe and I went to visit family and friends in San Diego the second week of the month. We had a wonderful time seeing all our nieces and nephews and godchildren. We were able to spend time at the zoo and the beach and had a BBQ with some very close friends of ours. It was a great vacation made possible by our wonderful staff here at Green Acres Manor.

The Alzheimer's Associations Memory Walk is quickly approaching on October 18th at Schollenberger Park in Petaluma. This event promises to be bigger than ones in the past due to it being the Wine Country walk which includes Napa and Marin counties. We have received a few pledges from families and are so thankful for your generosity. We are still trying to raise more money for the Alzheimer's Association. If you need pledge forms for family or friends please let Joe and I know and we will get them to you ASAP or you can pick one up when you come to visit. They are located in the brochure holder on the visitors sign in table.

Here are some facts about Alzheimer's:

Every 72 seconds, someone in the U.S. develops Alzheimer's.

Alzheimer's is the seventh-leading cause of death in the U.S.

78 million baby boomers are approaching the age of greatest risk for Alzheimer's.

Please send your donations to Joe or me here at Green Acres Manor with the check made out to the Alzheimer's Association. We will include it with the others and send them in just prior to the race. The Alzheimer's Association is a non-profit organization, so a letter will be mailed to the name and address on the check and can be used for tax deduction purposes.

We hope that you will also join us that morning for the 2.5 mile walk at the park. Please let us know if you will be walking with us so that we can meet up with you and walk together.

I'd like to introduce you to two new employees that were hired within the past few months, Ana Smart and April Dorado. Please join us in welcoming them to our staff and home. Feel free to introduce yourself and let them know a little something about your loved one so they can have more insight into their lives.

On a very sad note we will be saying good-bye to Rebecca on August 29th. She has been an invaluable employee here for at least 3 years. Rebecca was here when we first purchased the business and helped Joe and I get to know the residents who were living here during that time. Rebecca is leaving to return to collage on a full time basis. We wish her all the best as she pursues her Pharmacology Technician degree. We hope she will come back and visit us periodically.

September is the busiest month for Birthday's. Hum, I wonder what everyone was doing 9 months prior around the Holidays. Here is a list of the September Birthdays. Please help us wish them a Happy B-day next time you see them.

Fawn Mattos- 9/5, Marci Supple- 9/5, Yolanda Rodriguez- 9/6, Monica Hansen- 9/18, Betty Lobsinger- 9/21 and Mercedes Ceniza- 9/21

Just a reminder, flu shots will be given here at Green Acres Manor on October 16th from 12-1pm.

Best wishes for a happy healthy month.

Monica Hansen

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