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Fourth of July at Green Acres Manor, Kenwood

Green Acres Manor News - August 2007

To my surprise summer is almost over and the Holiday’s are drawing ever closer. August was a busy month for Joe and me. As you know Joe and his brother Wade took over a facility in Napa on July 31st and renamed it Green Acres, Napa. Joe has been spending 4 days a week over at the new facility hiring some additional staff and implementing our high standards of care. I have had the good fortune to go to the Napa facility and meet the staff and residents. I’ve also had a chance to play chef once a week for the past few weeks which has been fun.

A birthday party Green Acres Manor, Kenwood

Since our last newsletter we’ve had two additional birthdays. Mercy celebrated her 21st birthday on the 21st of August and Marci celebrated her 74th birthday on September 5th. You know what that means...a lot of birthday cake for the residents and frosting for me!

Debbie and Mercy took some of the residents on an outing to the Redwoods where they had a picnic lunch, enjoyed the cooler fresh air and the scenic drive. Yolanda has been implementing after dinner activities such as conversations about the past, hobbies, likes and dislikes, pretty nails in which each participant gets a hand massage and their nails painted and mentally stimulating activities to name a few.

I’d like to remind everyone that you all are invited to our ice-cream social on Saturday September 15th from 1-3pm. We will have ice-cream cones, toppings, sauces and chocolate or vanilla ice-cream. Please feel free to come and spend some time with the staff and residents.

Outings at Green Acres Manor, Kenwood

For the past two years Joe and I have been participating in the Wine Country Memory Walk for the Alzheimer’s Association. The first year we walked by ourselves and this past year we had 2 residents family members join us but we had many more donate to the cause. This year I’d love to have more families walk and increase our donation amount to $500. Please help us raise this money for such a worth cause. If you’d like to join us in the walk it is on Saturday, October 13th at Spring Lake Park, swimming lagoon, Santa Rosa. The warm up festivities are at 9:30 am with the walk starting at 10:00 am. Please contact me to let me know if you’d like to walk and or donate money. Checks are to be made out to the Alzheimer’s Association and credit card donations can be done at

Wishing you all health and happiness,

Monica Hansen

Outdoor celebration at Green Acres Manor, Kenwood
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