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Green Acres Manor News - April 2011

A Happy Easter to all of you! I hope that everyone had a very blessed weekend. We had our annual Easter Egg hunt for all of the kids in our lives with employees, resident families, and our family this past Saturday. What a joy it is to see the kids and the residents mix and collectively have such a wonderful time. Kids always enjoy the excitement, and the candy of course! And it seems that as we all get older, we get more enjoyment out of watching the kids and their enjoyment, and it brings happiness to our hearts and souls. I wish we could do it more often.

Our family has expanded this past month. LaVerne moved in to Green Acres at the end of March. She comes from her daughters' home in Sonoma where she had lived for the past few years. LaVerne is a very sweet lady who is such a happy soul. She is always looking to chat up whomever may be around, and loves doing little projects at the table. Please help me welcome her and her entire family. LaVerne moving in means that we are full once again. We appreciate so much all the support we receive from all of the great families that we have here. It makes it so much more enjoyable for us to do what we do. Thank you.

We have one special birthday coming up in May. Margaret will celebrate her 86th birthday on May 16. Margaret is our longest term resident, having been here since January 2002. We are so honored to have the pleasure of helping her for all of this time. She is our princess, and has brought us so many moments of joy through the years. Please join us in celebrating her special day.'s almost time for the garden to go in. We have been making preparations to the ground this past month. We have two new planter boxes in, as well as we have cleared some more area out by the front fence. We will be expanding our garden with more viney type fruits and vegetables like cantaloupes, watermelons, and cucumbers. These are all items we can use every day. We will also have some space to try our hand at a winter garden. The grape vines have budded and we are seeing signs of life and growth. It can be seen throughout the valley here. Spring is such a beautiful time here. It is something that I appreciate so much as I can't think of experiencing it growing up in San Diego. Hate the rain, but love the Spring!

I want everyone to save a date...June 12th. This will be the date of our annual Anniversary BBQ. We will be celebrating our sixth year in business. We are trying it on a Sunday this year. We always have to try and mix it up! Our true anniversary is the first of July, but we want to stay away from people's travel plans during that time. We hope you all can attend and enjoy a wonderful Mardi Gras celebration, our theme for this year. More information will follow in the next newsletter.

Until we meet again, take care, and love thy neighbor.


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