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Green Acres Manor News - April 2009

Hello all,

Where is this year going? I can’t believe we’re already past Easter…which was late this year! I guess that means that we’ve been keeping busy. Oh, and, a Happy Easter to you all! I want to thank those of you who came by to join us for our Easter Egg Hunt which featured many fun games for the kids. Our residents just love having children around and being a part of fun events like that. Thank you to Monica who organized everything.

All is growing very well right now. The little extra bit of rain we received was a welcome event. We have also now completed the construction of two very large raised garden beds out front right next to the mini-vineyard. This should help with us being able to eat more of what we grow versus the gophers that reside on our property. Monica will have her hands full planting all of our vegetables and herbs over the next couple of weeks. I’m sure she’d be ok with anyone who wanted to volunteer and help! : )

We have welcomed a new resident and family to our Green Acres family here in April. Vern Stokes moved in on April 7th. He is an exuberant and gracious gentleman who has quite the personality and charm. Welcome to you Vern, and your lovely and caring wife, Pat.

April did bring us sad news as well. Anita Horan passed away peacefully on April 11. Monica and I firmly believe that each resident leaves an imprint on our souls, and Anita was no different. Her laughter was contagious, her heart was full of love for all that were around her, and her faith was deep and enduring. Anita’s family came from near and far to be with her during her final weeks. She has left behind such a wonderful, friendly, caring, and spiritual family. It was an honor to have known and cared for her in her final year in this life, and a pleasure to have gotten to know her family. Anita will be dearly missed.

Margaret Battin will be celebrating a birthday in May. She will be turning a very youthful 84 years of age on May 16. Her bright smile which lights up her face is that of a teenager in love. She really knows how to turn back the clock. Mother’s Day will also be here before we know it. Mother’s Day is on May 10th. We will be celebrating with all of our ladies on that day. Please let us know if any of you plan on taking “MOM” out at any point during the day, and we will ensure she is ready for you.

Until next we meet, stay good, and stay healthy

Take care,

Joe and Monica

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