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Resources for Elder Care

Green Acres Manor passes on some great websites for shopping for our seniors.

If you are an at-home caregiver, or are simply looking for a gift for an elder person, it's not always easy to find a good resource for exaclty what you want. You might want to take a gander at some of these websites - after all, shopping on the Internet saves shoe leather and gas! Maybe you'll find just what you were looking for with a few clicks of the mouse.

The Sonoma County Section on Aging is a coalition of agencies, organizations and individuals concerned with the well being of older adults. As a network alliance, this group advocates for and promotes the development, coordination, and implementation of older adult services in Sonoma County.

Our residents love the monthly music therapy brought to our elder care home by Jamie Blumenthal of If you are looking for a talented music therapist for a loved one, group or agency, Jamie Blumenthal puts 25+ years of experience as a certified music therapist at your service.

Laurie White of is well-known in the community for her work with families and for her dementia care training at many elder care facilities. She offers many kinds of helpful consulting.






Senior Emporium is a unique on-line shopping experience offering a wide choice of health care products and gifts for seniors, their families and/or caregivers, and those adults that may have some special needs. Our goal is to enhance your lives with an assortment of unique hard to find items that are delivered directly to your door at the most competitive pricing. You can click on the little image to visit their site. They have a bed and bath shop, incontinence products, household aids and more. Check out their nice selection of fun and simple games if you're shopping for an elder whose health requires low-impact activities.

Silvert's is another good place, particularly for shopping for clothing for elders. Silvert's is a large collection of quality disabled clothing for elderly care. Our soft open back dresses, hospital gowns and incontinence clothing slip on easily and look beautiful. Caregivers love the ease and dignity that Silvert's clothing provides. You can visit their website at:

The Assisted Living Store is "one-stop" on-line shop for senior products, safety products and gifts for the elderly. They have some useful aids for helping elders dress, as well as larger items including hospital bed rails.

And, for active seniors,Simple Comforts has created a wonderful assortment of gift ideas for seniors. These products make everyday activities such as gardening, cooking, travel, golf, excercise and just plain gettin' around a little easier. Their website is quite nice, and has a vibrant atmosphere. A visit to Simple Comforts may give you some helpful gift ideas for the next holiday season.

The elder care professionals at Green Acres Manor sincerely appreciate the ongoing information published by Long-Term Living Magazine. If you are looking for the latest news on Alzheimer's and elder care, we highly recommend this publication.

We'll try to add more good resources here as we come across them. It's nice to share these good finds with the families of the residents at Green Acres Manor Residential Care Home.

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